Friday, March 18, 2011

Lesson Plan for Mar 21, 2011

...we have already practiced at least once nine of the 18 ball dances! So that's a good feeling.  We'll definitely keep working on them (aggressively) for the next 8 weeks to allow both dancers and musicians to feel well-prepared for the ball.

...this week is scheduled as a technique class, so instead of getting through tons of dances, we'll be focusing our attention on just two.

In the first half of the evening we'll be working on strathspey.  I know that many dancers struggle with being graceful and flowing with the strathspey steps, so we'll work on footwork and posture a little bit.  Then we'll put in some good work on the Argo Pond Strathspey, Dan's new dance.  We'll practice finer points on all the figures of the dance, as well as the flow from piece to piece.

In the second half of the evening, we'll work on The Australian Ladies, focusing especially on keeping it neat and being "just in time".

ARGO POND  S8x32  3C                                                    Dan Blim
  1- 8    1s & 2s dance set-and-rotate: Both couples set facing partner.
             Pulling right shoulder back (both couples), cast one place
             clockwise around the ring. Facing partner on the side,
             change places RH, and chase clockwise one place to
             progressed place. 1M, with 1W behind him, end facing 2M.

  9-16   1s dance a half-dolphin-reel with 1st corners: as 1s pass 2M,
             they turn individually to put the 1W in the lead.
            1s end facing 3M for a half-dolphin-reel with 2nd corners.
            1s end in 2nd place on opposite sides.

17-24   All three couples dance set-and-link for three, twice.

25-32   All three couples circle six hands around to the left and back.

THE AUSTRALIAN LADIES R8x32  3C       Robert Campbell, Glasgow Assembly
  1-8       1s cross-RH and cast off two places.
              2s and 3s step up bars 3–4. 3s and 1s dance RH-across.

 9-16     1s lead to the top, cross and cast off one place.
             3s step down bars 11–12.
             2s and 1s dance LH-across.

17-32   1s cross-RH and cast right around 1st corner,
             cross right up and down and cast right
            and cast right around second corners,
            cross right and cast right around third corners,
            cross right and cast right to second place

           while 2s and 3s set, cross with partner by the right,
           set, cross with neighbor by the right,
           set and cross with partner by the right,
           and set and cross with neighbor by the right.

[alternate dance description follows]

                                                                         R M Campbell  Glasgow Assembly

1- 8       1s cross, cast down to 3rd place & 3s+1s dance RH across

9-16      1s lead up to top, cross, cast to 2nd place & 2s+1s dance LH across

17-24     2s & 3s set & cross RH
                     as 1s cross RH & cast to right,
              2s+3s set on sides & change places RH
                    as 1s cross up/down centre & cast to right

25-32     3s & 2s set & cross RH
                    as 1s cross RH & cast to right,
              3s+2s set on sides & change places RH
                    as 1s cross in centre & cast to places

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