Monday, November 28, 2011

Lesson Plan for Nov 28, 2011

 THE LUCKENBOOTH BROOCH  J8x32  3C (4C set)    
                                                            J Dickson Glendarroch SD Sheets
  1- 8        1s in promenade hold (Lady on Man's left) dance RSh reel of 3
                 with 2s (RSh to 2M to start) & end facing 3M

 9-16        1s dance reel with 3s (RSh to 3M) ending with 1s
                 dancing across to Men's side

17-24       2s+3s rights and lefts while 1s lead out of M's side,
                1M cast up, 1L cast down, meet, lead out of Ladies’ side,
                1M cast up and 1L cast down to end 1M between 2s facing down
                and 1L between 3s facing up

25-32      2s+1s+3s set twice, 1s turn RH 1¾ times to 2nd places

Dance Information

Luckenbooths were shops in Edinburgh, situated on the Royal Mile from the High Kirk (AKA St Giles' Cathedral) down towards the Canongate. They were the city's first permanent shops that housed jewellery workers and other trades, dating from the 16th century.

The luckenbooth brooch is a Scottish wedding gift to the bride by the groom on their wedding day. It was subsequently pinned to the shawl of the first baby to protect it from "evil spirits".

The luckenbooth brooch has figures very similar to the Claddagh ring, and a like purpose as a love token. Both incorporate the themes of heart and crown. The earliest records of heart-shaped brooches in Scotland date back to 1503. In the 18th century, these brooches became known as 'Luckenbooth' brooches because they were sold from locked booths in the jewellery quarter.

THE CORIAN STRATHSPEY   S3x32  3C set                       M Whitby RSCDS 43
 1- 8        1M+2L turn RH 1½ times
                while partners dance round anticlockwise ½ way,
               1s dance ½ fig of 8 round 3s. (2) 1 3

9-16        1L+3M turn LH 1½ times while partners dance round clockwise ½ way,
               3s dance ½ fig of 8 round 2s (2) 3 (1)

17-24      2s+3s+1s set, 3s petronella turn to 3L between 2s facing down
               & 3M between 1s facing up, all Set & Link for 3 couples. 2 3 1

25-32      3s dance RH across (Lady with 2s & Man with 1s),
               3s pass RSh & dance LH across with other couples to end. 2 3 1

The "Corian Strathspey", demonstration from the 2011 RSCDS summer school, week 2, St Andrews (to 3.17") on YouTube

DAVY NICK NACK   R8x32  3C (4C set)     R M Campbell Glasgow Assembly
 1- 8        1s+2s+3s cross RH, set, cross back RH and set

9-16       1s turn RH 1½ times, cast 1 place and turn LH once to face 1st corners

17-24      1s change places RH with corners and set,
                change places with corner person RH
                and turn partner LH to face 2nd corners

25-32     1s change places RH with corners and set,
               change places with corner person RH
               and cross LH with partner to places

ARGYLL STRATHSPEY   S8x32   3C (4C set)                     R Goldring RSCDS 35
 1- 8      1s+2s+3s ½ turn RH, twirl & dance out to opposite sides
             & repeat back to place

 9-16     1s+2s+3s circle 6H round & back
             (1s end in centre facing down & 3s in centre facing up)

17-24    1s+3s dance R&L (up & down) & end back on own sides

25-32    1s+2s dance the Tournee:
              - 1s+2s dance into prom hold
                (Men with partner on R, 1s face Men's side & 2s face Ladies' side)
                1s+2s wheel anti-clockwise ½ way, Men turn Ladies into middle (BtoB);
                1s turn 1½ times LH & 2s RH & dance out to places

The Tournée ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1         1s and 2s dance in towards their own partners,
             1M turns left at the end of the step to finish on his partner's left,
              taking promenade hold.
             At the same time 2L turns to the right to finish on her partner's right,
             also taking promenade hold.
             1s finish facing the Men’s side and the 2s facing the the Ladies' side,
             with the Men standing left shoulder-to-shoulder.

  2-4     1s and 2s wheel round halfway anti-clockwise;
            finish with the men turning the Ladies in front of them to end all
            in a straight line up and down the dance, with the Ladies back-to-back
            and their partners facing them.

  5-8    1s turn 1½ times LH ("drop the top hand")
            and dance out to sides in 2nd place own side of the dance.
           2s do likewise RH ("drop the bottom hand").

Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe

Dance Information: Argyll and the Islands

Argyll and the Islands has a land area of approximately 2853 square miles, a population of approximately 83,000 and an average population density of 34 persons per square mile. 99% of the land area is classified as rural. 17% of the population does not live in a settlement (a cluster of 6 or more households) and 17% live on one of the 31 inhabited islands, only one of which is connected to the mainland by a bridge.

The area has an outstanding natural environment, containing mountains, forests, sea lochs, freshwater lochs, rivers, beaches, islands, glens and moors all with abundant wildlife. With some of Scotland’s most breathtaking landscape, Argyll has inspired many. A high percentage of these areas have UK or EU protected site status, all of the highest environmental quality, giving the area the highest level of biodiversity of any UK region.

At one time it was the centre of the Gaelic Kingdom of Dalriada, and later the seat of the Lords of the Isles in Islay. It is believed that the Book of Kells was begun on Iona, whose monastery was founded by Saint Columba in the sixth century. The first document ever printed in Scots Gaelic, the translation of Knox’s Liturgy, was made at Carnassarie Castle near Kilmartin.

On film, Argyll locations have featured significantly. The Powell and Pressburger classic “I Know Where I’m Going” is set on the Isle of Mull and includes some gripping cinematography of the Corryvreckan whirlpool between the islands of Jura and Scarba.

THE NURSERYMAN   J8x32   3C (4C set)             S Brown RSCDS 37
 1- 8       1s set, cross down RH between 2s & cast down behind 3s
              & dance up centre to 2nd place to face out on opposite sides

 9-12      2s+1s+3s set (as in Double Triangles),
              1s dance out & turn R about to face in
              while 2s & 3s dance in & turn R about to face out

13-16     2s+1s+3s set (Inverted Triangle formation),
              1s dance in while 2s & 3s dance out
              all turning R about for RH across

17-24     2s+1s+3s dance RH across on sides,
              1s pass RSh & dance LH across on other side
              ending in lines across 1L between 2s & 1M between 3s

25-32    Lines Advance+Retire, 1s turn RH 1¼ times
             to end in 2nd place on own sides

MANHATTAN (R8x32) 3C (4C Set) D Blim
1‐8          1s dance down below 3s, cast up one place, dance up to the top, and
               cast off to face 1st corners.

9‐16        Turn corner, partner, corner, partner,
                ending in the middle on opposite sides.

17‐24      1s set right for one bar, then slip individually left for one bar,
                ending 1M between the 3s, 1L between the 2s.
                Dance six bar right shoulder reels of three across the dance,
                ending with 1s in 2nd place on opposite sides.

25‐32       Dance six bar right shoulder reels of three on the sides.
                1s cross RH to place.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lesson Plan for Nov 21, 2011

THE LANTERN OF THE NORTH   J8x32  3C (4C set)     J Drewry Canadian Bk
 1- 8    1s+2s+3s set, cross RH, set and ½ turn LH into prom hold 

 9-16   1s+2s+3s Promenade and end with 1s casting to 2nd place 

17-24  1s dance reels of 3 on opposite sides (1s cross RH down to start)
            and 1s end facing 2nd corners 

25-32  1s dance Pass+Turn with 2nd corner, turn RH
            and repeat with 1st corners ending in 2nd place

Dance Information:
Elgin Cathedral, consecrated in 1224, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, was sometimes referred to as The Lantern of the North and is an historic ruin in Elgin, Moray, north-east Scotland.

BURNS BICENTENARY STRATHSPEY  S4x32  4C set   3s & 4s on opp sides    
                                                                                J Drewry Bankhead Book 6 
  1- 8        1s+2s also 3s+4s circle 4H to left & Set & Link on sides

  9-16       All dance RSh reel of 4 on sides 

17-24      1M+4L & 4M+1L dance Ladies Chain (end facing in promenade hold)

25-32      1M+4L & 4M+1L Promenade across (Men passing LSh), 
               4s dance up between 2s & cast to 2nd places 
               while 1s dance down & cast to 3rd places

THE FÊTE   S8x32   3C (4C set)                                                RSCDS Bk 25
  1- 8       1s+2s set, dance ½ RandL, set and dance ½ RandL

 9-16       1s dance down the middle and back to 2nd place own sides 

17-24      1s+3L circle 3H round to left, 1s+3M circle 3H round to left 

25-32      2s+1s dance Diamond Poussette

ROARING JELLY   J8x32   3C (4C set)          H Foss Glendarroch SD Sheets
  1- 8     1s cross RH, cast 1 place, cross RH & cast
             (Man up & Lady down) into centre

  9-16    1s+2s+3s circle 6H round & back (1s end in centre)

17-24   1s change places RH & dance to right into Figs of 8
            (Lady round 2s as 1M dances round 3s)

25-32   1s dance reels of 3 on opposite sides giving RSh to 2nd corners
            & cross RH to places

Dance Information:
Roaring jelly is the nickname for gelignite, a generic term for a gelatin dynamite, which was invented in the 1880s. This term was used by the British forces in World War 2 and, thus, would have been well-known to Dr Foss, the devisor of the dance. He cites the tune as coming from 
Kerr's Caledonian Collection.

CORN RIGS   R8x32   2C (4C set)                                          RSCDS 4 
 1- 8       1s cast down own sides; turn inwards & cast back to top

 9-16      1s dance full fig of 8 round 2s  

17-24    1s lead down the middle & back 

25-32    1s+2s dance Poussette

IRISH ROVER    R8x32   3C (4C set)                     J Cosh 22 SCDs+1 (2) 
 1- 4      1s dance down below 3s & cast up to 2nd place own sides 

 5- 8     1L dances RH across with 2s while 1M dances RH across with 3s

 9-16     1s dance ½ diagonal reel of 4 with 1st corners 
              then ½ reel with 2nd corners 
             & ½ turn LH in centre to face 1st corners 

17-24    1s dance reels of 3 across giving LSh to 1st corners 
             ending in 2nd place own sides 

25-32    1s dance diagonal R&L (1M crossing diagonally down 
            & 1L crossing diagonally up to start)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Summer Dances

OGDEN OF GREENHOW   R8x32   3C (4C Set)
                                                            M Frost Leeds Branch Newsletter 36
  1- 8    1s set, cast 1 place, dance ½ fig of 8 (Lady round 2s & Man round 3s)

 9-16    1s dance RH across (Man with 2s & Lady with 3s),
            pass RSh to dance LH across with other couple (finish facing 1st corner)

17-24   1s dance LSh reels of 3 across (Lady with 2s & Man with 3s)
            & pass LSh into…

25-32   1s turn 1st corner RH, partner LH, 2nd corner RH & cross LH to 2nd place

BEESWING   R8x32   3C (4C set)        R Goldring  G & S Dances 2
  1- 8      1s dance in, cast down below 3s, 2s step up,
              meet & dance up to 2nd place B-to-B facing out on own sides

9-16       1s dance Double Triangles with 2s+3s

17-24    1s turn RH & LH (slow turns)

25-32    1L dances RH across with 2s & 1M with 3s,,
             pass RSh & dance LH across with other couple ("teapots")

JOHN MCALPIN   S8x32   3C (4C set)               Hugh Foss Galloway Album
   1- 8    1s Advance+Retire, 1 step (touch RH), ½ turn LH,
             lead down 1 place & ¾ turn LH to face 1st corners

 9-16     1s turn RH 1st corner, turn partner LH, turn RH 2nd corner,
             turn partner LH ending on own sides

17-24    2L+1L+3L set, Advance+Retire & set
            while 2M+1M+3M stand for 2 bars, set, Advance+Retire

25-32    2s+1s+3s cross RH, circle 6H round to left ½ way,
            cross LH & circle 6H round to right ½ way

KELSO RACES   R8x32  3C (4C set)                             MMM 2
 1- 8     1M+2L Advance+Retire 2 steps & dance Back to Back

  9-16    1L+2M Advance+Retire 2 steps & dance Back to Back

17-24   1s cast behind 2s, lead down between 3s & cast back to 2nd places

25-32   2s+1s+3s (in circle formation) Advance+Retire & turn partners RH

THE COMPLIMENT   S8x32 2C (4C set) R Goldring 12 More Social Dances
 1- 8    1s+2s dance Poussette

 9-16   1L+2L dance between partners, divide & dance back to places, 

           1s turn LH 1½ times as 2s turn RH 1½ times

17-24   1M+2M dance between partners, divide & dance back to places, 

           1s turn RH 1½ times as 2s turn LH 1½ times

25-32   1s+2s set, circle 4H round to left ½ way & turn partners 2H 1½ times

ROXBURGH CASTLE   R8x32 2C (4C set)             RSCDS Bk 6
 1- 8     1s+2s chase round clockwise (in square formation) to places

9-16     1s+2s dance RH across & LH across back to places

17-24   1s lead down the middle & back to top

25-32   1s+2s dance Poussette

MASON'S APRON   R8x32   3C (4C set)                          Border Book
  1- 8      1s turn RH, cast to 2nd place (2s step up), cross RH,
               cast R to finish 1W between 2s facing 1M between 3s

 9-16     1s set & turn RH to opposite sides between corners,
              set & turn RH to face 1st corners

17-24    1s set & turn 1st corners; set & turn 2nd corners

25-32    1s dance reels of 3 on opposite sides giving LSh to 1st corners
              & cross to 2nd place own sides

SWISS LASSIE   R8x32  3C (4C set)        R Betsche RSCDS 39
 1- 8       1s dance in & cast to 3rd place, 2s+1s turn partners RH 1¼ times
              to form a line up & down middle of set (Men facing down Ladies up)

 9-16      2s+1s dance reel of 4 up & down middle of set
              ending with 2M facing Ladies side & 1L facing Mens side

17-24    2s+1s chase round clockwise ½ way, 1s+3s+2s Advance+Retire

25-32    3s+2s ½ turn partners RH, dance RH across ½ way,
            1s+2s ½ turn partners RH & dance RH across ½ way

BALMORAL STRATHSPEY   S4x32 4C set         J Charles RSCDS 22
 1- 8       1s+2s & 3s+4s dance R&L

 9-16      1s+2s & 3s+4s set & dance RH across ½ way,
              set & cross RH to own sides

17-24    All dance reel of 4 on own sides

25-32    1s+4s+3s (bottom 3 couples) dance Allemande
             (2s in top place stand still)

THE BARMKIN   R88  Sq.Set                                  R Goldring  24 G & S Dances
  1- 8      1s+3s turn partners RH & Men followed by Ladies
              chase clockwise ½ way round set

 9-16      1s+3s dance RH across in centre & LH back to "new" places

17-32     2s+4s repeat bars 1-16

33-40     1s+3s turn partners LH & Ladies followed by Men
              chase anticlockwise ½ way round set

41-48     1s+3s dance R&L

49-64     2s+4s repeat bars 33-48

65-72     All dance into centre & return with corners,
              Ladies dance round corners passing in front to begin
             & back to place

73-80     All with corners dance into centre & return with partners,
             Men dance round partners passing in front to begin
             & back to place

81-88   All circle 8H round & back

THE AYR PROMENADE    J4x32  4C set              R Goldring  24 G & S Dances
  1- 8     1L+2L+3L cross & dance round partner RSh back to places
             & turn partners RH

  9-16    1M+2M+3M repeat

17-24    1s+2s+3s Promenade

25-32    1s cross RH, cast 2 places, cross RH
            & change places LH with 4s on sides