Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lesson Plan for Nov 21, 2011

THE LANTERN OF THE NORTH   J8x32  3C (4C set)     J Drewry Canadian Bk
 1- 8    1s+2s+3s set, cross RH, set and ½ turn LH into prom hold 

 9-16   1s+2s+3s Promenade and end with 1s casting to 2nd place 

17-24  1s dance reels of 3 on opposite sides (1s cross RH down to start)
            and 1s end facing 2nd corners 

25-32  1s dance Pass+Turn with 2nd corner, turn RH
            and repeat with 1st corners ending in 2nd place

Dance Information:
Elgin Cathedral, consecrated in 1224, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, was sometimes referred to as The Lantern of the North and is an historic ruin in Elgin, Moray, north-east Scotland.

BURNS BICENTENARY STRATHSPEY  S4x32  4C set   3s & 4s on opp sides    
                                                                                J Drewry Bankhead Book 6 
  1- 8        1s+2s also 3s+4s circle 4H to left & Set & Link on sides

  9-16       All dance RSh reel of 4 on sides 

17-24      1M+4L & 4M+1L dance Ladies Chain (end facing in promenade hold)

25-32      1M+4L & 4M+1L Promenade across (Men passing LSh), 
               4s dance up between 2s & cast to 2nd places 
               while 1s dance down & cast to 3rd places

THE FÊTE   S8x32   3C (4C set)                                                RSCDS Bk 25
  1- 8       1s+2s set, dance ½ RandL, set and dance ½ RandL

 9-16       1s dance down the middle and back to 2nd place own sides 

17-24      1s+3L circle 3H round to left, 1s+3M circle 3H round to left 

25-32      2s+1s dance Diamond Poussette

ROARING JELLY   J8x32   3C (4C set)          H Foss Glendarroch SD Sheets
  1- 8     1s cross RH, cast 1 place, cross RH & cast
             (Man up & Lady down) into centre

  9-16    1s+2s+3s circle 6H round & back (1s end in centre)

17-24   1s change places RH & dance to right into Figs of 8
            (Lady round 2s as 1M dances round 3s)

25-32   1s dance reels of 3 on opposite sides giving RSh to 2nd corners
            & cross RH to places

Dance Information:
Roaring jelly is the nickname for gelignite, a generic term for a gelatin dynamite, which was invented in the 1880s. This term was used by the British forces in World War 2 and, thus, would have been well-known to Dr Foss, the devisor of the dance. He cites the tune as coming from 
Kerr's Caledonian Collection.

CORN RIGS   R8x32   2C (4C set)                                          RSCDS 4 
 1- 8       1s cast down own sides; turn inwards & cast back to top

 9-16      1s dance full fig of 8 round 2s  

17-24    1s lead down the middle & back 

25-32    1s+2s dance Poussette

IRISH ROVER    R8x32   3C (4C set)                     J Cosh 22 SCDs+1 (2) 
 1- 4      1s dance down below 3s & cast up to 2nd place own sides 

 5- 8     1L dances RH across with 2s while 1M dances RH across with 3s

 9-16     1s dance ½ diagonal reel of 4 with 1st corners 
              then ½ reel with 2nd corners 
             & ½ turn LH in centre to face 1st corners 

17-24    1s dance reels of 3 across giving LSh to 1st corners 
             ending in 2nd place own sides 

25-32    1s dance diagonal R&L (1M crossing diagonally down 
            & 1L crossing diagonally up to start)

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