Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lesson Plan for Oct. 1

Steps Taught: Strathspey Setting
Figures Taught: Corner Partner, Double Triangles

LOCHABER (J4x32) 4C Set J Kelly Let's All Dance
1- 8         1s+2s dance RH across & LH back to places
9-16        1s cross RH, cast to 2nd place & turn RH
17-24      2s+1s+3s circle 6H round & back
25-32      1s cross LH, cast to bottom & 1s turn LH to own sides

ST ANDREW'S FLAG (R8x32) 3C (4C Set) S Gradon St Columban Bk
1- 8         1s+2s dance 4H round & back
9-16        1s cast below 3s & dance up into double triangle pstns
17-24      1s dance Double Triangles ending 2nd place own side
25-32      2s+1s dance R&L

DAVENA'S STRATHSPEY (S4x32) 4C set New Forest SCD
1- 8         1s+2s RH across, LH back
9-16        1s set, cast to bottom & lead up to 1st corners
17-24      1s turn 1st corner RH, partner LH, 2nd corner RH & partner LH
                to end in 2nd place on own side
25-32      2s+1s+3s Advance+Retire & 1s cast to the bottom

LADY HOME'S JIG (J8x32) 3C (4C set) MMM 1
1- 8         1s+2s+3s circle 6H round & back
9-16        1s+2s+3s dance Grand Chain
17-24      1s cross RH, cast to 2nd place, cross LH, cast round 3s &
                lead up to face 1st corners
25-32      1s turn 1st corners RH, turn partner LH, turn 2nd corners &
                cross LH back to 2nd place own sides

THE DURAN RANGER (R8x32) 3C (4C set) RSCDS Bk 13
1- 8          1s lead down the middle, Lady crosses under Mans arm &
                 they lead up to 2nd place opposite sides
9-16         2s+1s dance R&L 1s end facing 1st corners
17-24       1s turn 1st corners RH, turn partner LH, turn 2nd corners RH &
                 turn partner LH to places
25-32       2s+1s circle 4H round & back

Extra (non-beginner dance):

1-8            1s, 2s, 3s mirror reel of three on sidelines:
                 1s begin in and down, end in center facing down
                 2s begin out and up, end out and up, ready to dance to 1st place
                 3s begin in and up, 3M ends in place, 3W continues down the center
9-12          3W down the center, casts around 4W, up into 2nd place
                 1s, in promenade hold, chase her, cutting through 3W's place
13-16        3M casts off around 4M, up the center into 2nd place.
                 1s chase him, ending in the center of 3rd place
                 on opposite sides, facing up
17-18        1s and 3s set
19-22        1s and 3s dance slipping circle once around to the left
23-24        1s and 3s set
25-30        Mirror reel of three for bottom three couples (3, 1, 4):
                 1s begin in and down, 4s begin out and up, 3s begin out and down
31-32        1s cross to 4th place
                 4s dance out and up to 3rd place,
                 ready to continue in & up in the next repetition

Dance Information:

Originally written by Joan Hellmann in honor of the birth of Mary Wessel-Walker, this dance was on the program this week to celebrate Mary's birthday.  The chase figure represents a pair of parents chasing a toddler around the set. Today, Mary is not only a wonderful dancer, but also the founder and owner of Harvest Kitchen, where she turns produce from Ann Arbor area farms into delicious meals that she sells at the farmers market and to her subscribers.

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