Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dance Program for Jan 27

A previously unpublished program from the winter:

COLLIE LAW (J8x32) 2C (4C set) R Goldring 24 G & S Dances
1- 8           1s+2s Adv+Ret, turn RH
9-16          1s+2s dance Allemande
17-24        1s dance Fig of 8 round 2s
25-32        2s+1s dance RH across & LH back

THE INIMITABLE DEREK (R8x32) 3C (4C set) R Goldring
1- 8          1s+2s turn 1.1/4 times on sides (Ladies LH, Men RH) to end in line across 1s BtoB,
                 1s+2s set, Ladies 3/4 turn RH while Men turn 3/4 LH. 2 1 3
9-16         1s dance 1/2 reels of 3 on sides (1L in & up, 1M in & down),
                 2s+3s continue reel while 1s cross to join other reel
                  (1L crosses down to 3rd place Men’s side while 1M crosses up to 1st place Ladies side) &
                  1s turn 3M/2L to end in a diagonal line between 2nd corners
17-24        1s Bal-in-Line with 2nd corners, 1s turn LH & Bal-in-Line with 1st corners, 1s turn LH to…
25-32        1s dance RH across on sides (1L with 2L+3L, 1M with 2M+3M),
                  1L dances up & casts to 2nd pl own side while 1M dances down & casts up to 2nd pl

CUILLINS OF SKYE (S8x32) 3C (4C set) R Goldring 4 SCDs 1978
1- 8           1s cross RH while 2s+3s change places on sides (Ladies LH & Men RH) &
                  dance reels of 3 on the sides (1s out & down, 3s in & up)
9-16          1s cast 1 place on opposite sides (3s dance up) & dance 1/2 Figs of 8 (Lady up & Man down),
                  1s meet in centre & turn LH 1.1/4 times
17-24        1L dances RH across with top couple & 1M with couple in 3rd place,
                  1s pass RSh & dance LH across with other couple
25-32        3s+1s+2s dance the Knot

A CAPITAL JIG (J8x32) 3C (4C set) T Mackay 5 dances 2009
1- 8           1s+2s Set & Rotate (end 1s facing up, 2s down)
9-16          1s dance reels of 3 on own sides (RSh to 2s)
17-24        1s set & turn RH to face own sides,
                  1s dance LH across (1L with 2s, 1M with 3s) to end 2nd place opposite sides
25-32        1s set & turn RH to face opposite sides,
                  1s dance LH across (1M with 2s, 1L with 3s) ending 2nd place own sides

THERE AND BACK (R8x32) 3C (4C set) R Goldring G&S Dances 3
1-8             1s dance fig. of 8
9-16           1s cross down into reflection reels of 3 on opposite sides
17-24         1s cross down into reflection reels of 3 on own sides
25-32         1s dance down between the 2s & 3s & cast up on own sides to 2nd place.
                   (2s step up on 27 & 28)
                   2s 1s & 3s turn RH

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