Thursday, May 15, 2014

Twin Swirls

On Monday, we also received the instructions for Twin Swirls and worked on the dance:

Twin Swirls (R, 4 couple set dance, advanced)

1-4    1L and 3L set advancing to partner (who sets in place) and
          turn partner RH, ending woman in the middle facing down, while her partner returns to place.

5-8    1L and 3L set advancing to man below (who sets in place) and
          turn him RH, into a line of 4 in the middle of the set, women facing down, men facing up

9-12   Meanwhile Figure: (Half reel and chase)
          1L, 2M, 3L, & 4M dance a half reel of 4, finishing dancing out through the opposite side of the dance
          while their partners dance clockwise ½ way around the set and curve/swirl into a line of 4 the middle
           (the order is now 4321, all crossed over)

13-16 Meanwhile Figure: (Chase and Half-reel)
          4L, 3M, 2L, & 1M dance a half reel of 4 in the middle of the set
          while their partners dance clockwise ½ way around the set to original places.
          Dancers in the reel finish by dancing out to join their partner in promenade (or reverse) hold.
          (The order is now 1234. C1 and C3 are in reverse promenade on the women’s side facing down
           and C2 and C4 are in promenade on the men’s side facing up -
          the dancer who was just in the reel ends up towards the middle in the promenade hold)

17-20 Promenade and swirl clockwise, half way
          C1 and C4 promenade to the opposite end of the set, ending on opposite sides facing up or down.
          C2 and C3 promenade around the end of the set and pass in the centre to finish in own places,
          C2 facing up and C3 facing down
          (the order is now 4231, end couples crossed, in transition from promenade to right hands across)

21-24 Right hands across at the ends of the dance (C4 with C2 and C3 with C1) flow into

25-28 Left hands across in the middle (C2 and C3) while C4 and C1 chase clock-wise ½ way
          to original places.

29-32 C1 with C2, C3 with C4 change places on the sides by the right hand
          then C1 with C4 change places on the side by the left hand
          while C2 and C3 at the ends stand
          (the order is now 2413)

Repeat from new positions.

(Dance written by Terry Glasspool for Linda and Laura Hanson- a dance with strong female leads and a lot of symmetry)

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