Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lesson Plan for April 11, 2011

We'll be having an evening of setting and corner figures.  If there's time, I'd like to do Linnea's Strathspey, but more likely, we'll go straight to Flowers of Edinburgh.

Review Pas de Basque for new dancers!

CATCH THE WIND   R8x32  3C (4C set)  R Butterfield  RSCDS Bk 45
  1- 8       1s set, cast 1 place & dance ½ Fig of 8 round 2s

  9-16      1s set twice with 1L turning to face out on 4th setting step,
                1L followed by partner casts up & dances down the middle
                1L ends to face 3M while 1M faces 2M

17-24       1s RSh reels of 3 across (1M with 2s & 1L with 3s)

25-32      1L, followed by partner, dances down to cast up round 3M
                & crosses to end in 2nd place on own sides, 1s turn RH (4 bars)

"CATCH THE WIND" on YouTube. Note use of handkerchief!

THE CHEQUERED COURT J8x32  3C (4C set)  Duncan Brown   RSCDS Book 42
 1- 8     1s cross RH and cast down one place; 2s step up bars 3–4.
            1M dance  ½ figure of 8 up while 1W dance ½ figure of 8 down,
             to end facing 1st corners.

9-16    1s dance Corners-Pass-&-Turn with 1st corners.
           1s pull right shoulder back (loop round in centre) to end back-to-back
            facing partner’s 2nd corner (AKA 4th corner).
            1s dance Corners-Pass-&-Turn with partner’s 2nd corners,
            (loop round) to end back-to-back facing own sides
            in Double Triangles position.

17-24   All three couples dance Double Triangles.
            1M end between the 3s, facing 3M;
            1W end between 2s, facing 2W.

25-32   1s dance 6-bar right-shoulder reel of three across the dance (right
             shoulder to 4th corner), ending in 2nd place on opposite sides;
             cross RH to own sides. (end: 2, 1, 3)

Dance Information
The dance was named after The Chequered Court at Saint Andrews University, where the RSCDS meets for the yearly Summer School. It is the passage connecting the two main buildings comprising University Hall, and is a general meeting place for casual chats and tea/coffee. Often a good pick-up place for parties, as the party room is just round the corner.


SIMON BRODIE  S8x32   3C (4C set)     J Young   18C Dances
 1- 8    1M and 2L set advancing, turn 2H. 1L and 2M repeat
           (set advancing, turn 2H).

 9-16   1s lead down, cross below 3s & cast up to 2nd place on opposite sides
           (2s step up bars 11-12).  2s and 1s dance rights-and-lefts
           (1 bar per hand), 1s end facing 1st corners

17-24  1s set to and turn 2H with 1st corners & 2nd corners, ending in 2nd place
           (middle) facing ladies’ side: lady on man’s left (1M below).

25-28  1s dance out on ladies’ side (between 2L & 3L), cast round nearer lady
            to meet in the middle, turn 2H to end facing men’s side:
            lady on man’s left (1M below).

29-32  1s dance out on men’s side (between 2M & 3M), cast round nearer man
           to meet in the middle, turn LH to place on own side.

SLEEPY MAGGIE   R8x32   3C (4C set) A Bowman       RSCDS Book 11
 1- 8         1s+2s circle 4H round to left, 1s set & cast 1 place (2s up 7-8)

 9-16        1s+3s dance RH across & LH back (1s end facing 1st corners)

17-24       1s set to & turn 1st corners; set & turn 2nd corners

25-32       1s dance reels of 3 on opposite sides giving LSh to 1st corners;
                1s cross by right to own sides

Dance Notes
           All rather fast and furious!
6         At the end of LH-across, it's awkward for 1M to get to his 1st corner. 
25-30  SIX-bar reels. 
32       For the second time through, 1s change to nearer hand hold
           after crossing RH, thereby ready for 4 hands round.

LINNEA'S STRATHSPEY  S8x32  3C (4C set)        T Wilson Dunsmuir Dances
 1- 8      1s set and cast 1 place, 1s cross passing LSh and cast RSh round
             1st corners. 1s end back-to-back facing 1st corners. 2s step up 3-4.

 9-16     1s set to corners and partner ('hello-goodbye' setting) and end
             passing RSh to face out in 2nd place
 on own side.

17-24    “Promenade chain progression” ("chaperoned" chain progression):
               2s and 3s turn RH ¾ into middle
             while 1s cast to right (dance clockwise ¼ round the set).
             2M+3L turn LH 1½ times
             while 1M/2W take promenade hold
             and 1W/3M take reverse-promenade hold and dance clockwise
             ½ way round the set.
             3s and 2s turn RH ¾ and remain in centre facing up
             while 1s dance clockwise ¼ round the set to end in 2nd place
            on own sides in centre facing up

25-32    2s+1s+3s dance Allemande

FLOWERS OF EDINBURGH    R8x32  3C (4C set)    RSCDS Book 1
  1-8     1W, followed by partner, cast off two places.
            1W dances up behind the men’s side as 1M dances up the middle
             to 1st place on opposite sides. Set.

  9-16   Repeat bars 1-8 with 1M, ending on own sides.

17-24   1s lead down the middle and up.

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