Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lesson Plan for May 2, 2011

Attached is the plan for this week and next week. We will squeeze in Sleepy Maggie and Flowers of Edinburgh, as well as doing Argo Pond again.  This time we'll also work on "regular" set-and-link in Earl of Northampton.  My sister Kate suggests that having the 2-couple version firmly in mind makes doing the 3-couple version less mysterious. Let's hope!
According to my notes, if we do these things this week and next, we'll have done all of the ball dances at least once since April 11. Click for complete list of dance "cribs".

MRS STEWART'S JIG   J8x32  3C (4C set)                       F Ligtmans RSCDS 35

   1-8     1s set, and 1W cast off two places (round 3W), followed by partner
              (2s step up); 1W dance across the set and up the men’s side,
              (outside the set) to 2nd place on opposite side facing down.
             1M dance up the middle to 2nd place on opposite side facing down.

 9-16     All three couples dance a Grand Chain. 1M and 2M end facing out.

17-24   2s and 1s dance Ladies' Chain (Men turn LH).

25-32   All three couples Advance-and-Retire.
            1s turn-RH 1½ times to own sides.

SLEEPY MAGGIE   R8x32   3C (4C set) A Bowman       RSCDS Book 11
 1- 8         1s+2s circle 4H round to left, 1s set & cast 1 place (2s up 7-8)

 9-16        1s+3s dance RH across & LH back (1s end facing 1st corners)

17-24       1s set to & turn 1st corners; set & turn 2nd corners

25-32       1s dance reels of 3 on opposite sides giving LSh to 1st corners;
                1s cross by right to own sides

Dance Notes
           All rather fast and furious!
6         At the end of LH-across, it's awkward for 1M to get to his 1st corner.
25-30  SIX-bar reels.
32       For the second time through, 1s change to nearer hand hold
           after crossing RH, thereby ready for 4 hands round.

                                                           Virginia Van Scoy, Boston Branch 50
1-8       1s  & 2s dance Set-and-Link, and circle 4H left.
             (In S&L, LH-held: cast up; RH-held: into centre.)

9-16     2s & 1s dance back-to-back (DoSiDos)
             and turn both-hands into promenade-hold

17-24   2s & 1s dance the first six bars of the Allemande
            (but replace last two bars by RH turn),
            ending in centre by turning RH once around
            (ending in centre with RH joined).

25-32   1s & 2s dance the Knot.

ARGO POND  S8x32  3C                                                 Dan Blim
  1- 8    1s & 2s dance set-and-rotate: Both couples set facing partner.
             Pulling right shoulder back (both couples), cast one place
             clockwise around the ring. Facing partner on the side,
             change places RH, and chase clockwise one place to
             progressed place. 1M, with 1W behind him, end facing 2M.

  9-16   1s dance a half-dolphin-reel with 1st corners: as 1s pass 2M,
             they turn individually to put the 1W in the lead.
            1s end facing 3M for a half-dolphin-reel with 2nd corners.
            1s end in 2nd place on opposite sides.

17-24   All three couples dance set-and-link for three, twice.

25-32   All three couples circle six hands around to the left and back.

FLOWERS OF EDINBURGH    R8x32  3C (4C set)    RSCDS Book 1
  1-8     1W, followed by partner, cast off two places.
            1W dances up behind the men’s side
             as 1M dances up the middle  to 1st place on opposite sides.

  9-16   Repeat bars 1-8 with 1M, ending on own sides.

17-24   1s lead down the middle and up.

25-32   1s and 2s couples dance the poussette.

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